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Check out this section for travel tips, advice on living in Taiwan, my experience living here, and other information.  
I have lived in Taiwan for almost 3 years now and have been through all the stages of adjusting.  My husband and I have loved and hated living here from time to time, but we are still here, so of course the love outweighed the brief periods of "why are we here?"  Taiwan is a diverse, hectic, smelly, beautiful, friendly, often-over-looked, and exciting country. 
I have been through a good number of experiences while I've been here.  From applying for visas and ARC's, and applying to Universities and studying Chinese, to the English teaching scene, and even modeling and television.  We've seen a good chunk of the island, I'd say most of the main tourist destinations as well as other local favourites.  I can't say I've seen it all, this island just has too much to offer, but I plan to keep on exploring.  So, tag along and watch our adventure and pick up some information for you own trip to Taiwan.  

Here's a list of the current related posts to help you navigate through Taiwan:

Northern Taiwan:
         - Taipei 101 also see here
         - Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
         - Long Shan Temple
         - 5 Taipei Quickies

Central Taiwan:
        - Botanical Gardens
        - Museum of Fine Art
        - Rainbow Village
Changhua also see here
AliShan Forest

Taroko Gorge and Hot Springs also see here and here
LiYu Lake

Southern Taiwan:
          - Night Market and GuanShan
          - Surfing
          - Kenting Aquarium
          - BaiSha, Kenting
          - ChuHuo- Natural Flames

Where to Stay:
Find my recommendations here

Visa and ARC:
Find info on how to apply for an ARC and resident visa here

Study Abroad:
Find info on how and why to study in Taiwan here
Why To Study in Taiwan
Why NOT to Study in Taiwan

Dealing With Culture Shock:
Tips for dealing with culture shock, here.

There are plenty more places than these, and I will keep updating this as I visit more places and post more about them.  Feel free to comment if you feel I've overlooked something important.  I love to get your comments.  Also if there is something you'd like to learn more about or something you would like me to post about, or a place you would recommend that I visit, I am all ears.  I always love to hear about new places to go on this amazing island.


  1. Hi Lauren,
    Just happened to chance upon your blog today. Me and my family just came back from a tour of taiwan in May, and in my humble opinion, you really should visit monster village in Sitou. I'm sure you'll love the scenery. Anyway, do update often and cheers !!

  2. Hey Muchacho,

    Thanks for the advice! It's on my list now and I'll have to check it out when I get back. I hope you enjoyed your trip :)

  3. Hi Lauren,
    Came across your blog from Lonelyplanet thorntree.

    My wife, 1year old son and i will be there for holidays 5 to 15 Sept. We've already booked to stay the first 5 nights in Taipei, haven't planned anything after that due to the uncertainty of the typhoon. We might skip the countryside and visit Tainan/Kaohsiung. Any ideas/tips you have would be welcome. Thanks!

  4. Terence C I must appreciate your idea to visit Tainan or Kaohsiung rather than the countryside. I have visited both cities of Taiwan before yellowstone bus tour. These cities provide various attractive places for tourism like you can visit Fort Provintia and Taijiang National Park in Tainan. While we can stopover Kenting National Park, Love River and Tuntex Sky Tower in Kaohsiung.

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