Monday, March 26, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls and Paper Fans

 Lately I have been counting the days until I can quit my job and take a vacation with my husband before I head to Germany for a 3 month long internship.  That's right folks, a three month stay in Germany, not teaching English!  Of course the only downside is that Cameron won't be with me :(  I'll be working at an international satellite mapping company called Blackbridge International. It's been creating quite the buzz lately.  I'll be a personal assistant and I'll be helping coordinate their upcoming conference.  I think even if I end up getting coffee all day I'd still be excited.

This afternoon I finally mailed all of my University applications paperwork and it was like being 17 all over again.  Wasn't I supposed to have finished all of this already?  I guess life doesn't always go according to plan does it?  With a little luck, and my fabulous grades, ;)  I'll be attending National Chung Hsing University in the Fall!!  I'll be in the Foreign Language and Literature program and be focusing on Chinese and translating.  

I made these the other day.  They are caramel cinnamon rolls. They were just as good as they sound, and just as healthy.  I'm sure you noticed the whole stick of butter sitting in that pan.  Basically they were amazing and Cameron gave me full permission to make them any day of the week.... I told him that meant he gave me full permission to become 400 pounds...
On Saturday some friends and I went took a trip out to LuKang to see "The Fan Man."  He's the man that paints temples onto Chinese paper fans.
We took the train to Changhua and then switched to this crappy old rickety bus to LuKang.
When we got there it turned out that the fan man was taking a holiday and wasn't even there.  Good thing I already have one.  Not so good for all of the friends who came all the way out just to buy one.

Brandt tried to buy some chicken on a stick and ended up first getting two sticks of tofu and then two sticks of breaded squid and paying way more than intended.  The woman working the stand was confused, Brandt was confused, and in the end it was easier to just walk away with the two sticks of whatever than try to explain that he only wanted one.  Every time he tried the woman would trade it for something else.... 

I did a photo shoot on Friday in Taipei for a photographer from New York.  He's doing some projects for a gallery there and found me through my online modeling profile.  It was a fun shoot, even though I was supposed to be depressed the whole time, and it was good experience.  There will be pics to come once he gets back and edits them and sends me the copies.  I'm working on getting my face out there in the modeling world here and I think it's working, I've already got a few things lined up before I leave.  

Things should be picking up again in the near future and I'll have some interesting things to post about!

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